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Yamaha Used Instruments

All Instruments are available for orders  and reservastions. We will have multiple shipping windows of March, June and Aug. If you order online you will be informed of when your instruments can ship. For more information on reserving instruments with school PO#'s , Booster Purchases or Non-Profit organizations please contact Travis Goodwin. travis@carolinacrown.org


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Yamaha YSL-448GS Silver Used

Used YSL-448GS Trombone . Silver Plated, F Attachment. One season DCI Played 

Available to ship immediately.

Please email travis@carolinacrown for questions

$2,946.00 $1,350.00

YMP-204MS Yamaha Mellophone (used by Drum Corps one season)

*HORNS USED BY DRUM CORSP ONE SEASON... Please call for Availability (803) 547-2270 ext 102 or email travis@carolinacrown.org and/or ryan@carolinacrown.org

* Reserve today for May/June shipping or August Shipping* 

*Mellophones are in excellent condition inspected and maintained by a YAMAHA certified technician.

*New leadpipe - Bracing has been removed to help create a more open and free-blowing feel

*Modified slide lengths - The first and third valve slide lengths have been modified to improve the overall intonation and tonal coloring

*Improved weight distribution - The improved weight distribution places more of the weight near the players\' hands, creating a more comfortable instrument

*Quick bell flare - The improved bell shape provides optimal projection while producing a clear and soaring sound

$2,252.00 $1,375.00

YMRD-2900AC 4.5 Marimba with Multi-Field Frame II (DCI One season)

**Call for Pricing and availability  (803) 547-2270 ext 104 or email Eric@carolinacrown.org**



$9,286.00 $6,600.00

YTR-8345IIRS Yamaha Xeno Trumpet (used by Drum Corps one season) .

*HORNS USED BY DRUM CORPS ONE SEASON... for availability  email travis@carolinacrown.org 

YTR-8345IIRS Large Bore Xeno Trumpet

*Trumpets are in excellent condition, inspected and maintained by a YAMAHA certified technician.

*Monel pistons - Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional trumpet pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.

*Annealed bell - Yamaha employs special computer-controlled annealing equipment to ensure that the end result of this heating and cooling process is a consistently superior sound.

*Hand-lapped pistons and slides - Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action and improve the response and intonation of the instrument.

*New mouthpiece receiver length - Enhances the responsiveness of the instrument.

*New valve stems, buttons, and caps add to the feel of the horn as well as give the horn a sharper overall look.

*Hand-hammered one - piece bell-A one-piece bell has an axial (lengthwise) seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument\'s material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and superior tone. A hammered yellow brass bell produces a perfectly-balanced tone with quick response and extra presence due to advanced manufacturing.

*Pressure-formed tubing-Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance.

*Specially treated metal - Through research, Yamaha designers have developed a process for treating metal that enables the heavyweight trumpets to deliver more power, better control, and richer sound.

*Leadpipe thickness - A thicker leadpipe helps the trumpet have a better tone and response.

*Metal thickness - The heavyweight trumpets have heavier metal through the instrument than the standard weight trumpets. Thicker metal helps the trumpets deliver a darker tone that does not break up with volume.

*Metal valve guides - Darkened sound and improved tonal projection are the result of metal valve guides.

*One-piece drawn leadpipe - This type of leadpipe offers excellent intonation, response and proper resistance.

$2,623.00 $1,799.00

YVRD2700GC 3 octave Vibrphone (with Multi Field Frame)

Please call for availability (803) 547-2270 ext 102 or email travis@carolinacrown.org

This instrument was used by Carolina Crown for the 2019 season

Available for shipment after August 15th, 2016

(Instrument shown without the Multi Field Frame)

  • 3 octave professional Glossy Gold Bars
  • comes mounted of Custom Multi Field Frame II
  • gas shock height adjustment
  • with cover
$10,974.00 $4,700.00

YXRD-500FC Yamaha Acoustalon Xylophone ( One Season Used )

Please cemail travis@carolinacrown.org

This instrument was used by Carolina Crown for the 2018 season

Available for shipment after August 15th, 2018

$6,794.00 $2,800.00