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Symphonic Signature Series

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Ney Rosauro Signature Snare Stick

Featues an elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. long taper provides excellent rebound. Hickory
L = 16.56" | Dia. = .600"

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ney has developed a successful international career as a percussionist, composer and educator. He is an immensely popular composer of percussion concerti with an average of 150 performances each year by distinguished orchestras and wind ensembles worldwide. His numerous compositions and method books have become standards in the percussion repertoire and his CDs have been hailed by critics, percussionists and general music-lovers alike.

As soloist and educator, he has presented courses, solo concerts and performances with orchestras in Brazil, Cuba, México, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, England, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan and USA.

“The older I get, the more demanding I am to find the ideal sound to express my music,” states Ney. “At this point of my life, I felt a need to have an entire line of mallets that would help me to sound great on any mallet instrument. Vic Firth was the perfect choice for me as they are number 1 in the world for products and in education.”

Ney Rosauro designed this special series of marimba and vibraphone mallets to reflect the sound he desires for his award winning compositions. “My new mallet series and snare drum stick are a dream come true! The marimba and vibe mallets series have a unique rich and full sound.” continues Ney. “And we have created a unique new concept with mallets that we call “Hybrid” – a powerful mallets that sound equally well in any range of the marimba, vibes or xylophone.”

Rattan shafts and rubber cores coupled with special yarn and cord choices assure the player of a pure and natural sound that projects the full capabilities of the instrument. Stay tuned to vicfirth.com for availability of these new products, as well as exciting educational content from Ney as we begin our lasting relationship.

$16.50 $7.98

Ted Atkatz Signature Snare Stick

Long taper for great control and clarity during soft playing. Persimmon
L = 17" | Dia. = .660"

$17.50 $8.45

Tim Genis Signature Snare Stick -- General

Designed to produce a dark‚ full-bodied sound. Great balance.
L = 16.81" | Dia. = .650"

$17.50 $8.45

Tim Genis Signature Snare Stick -- Leggiero

For playing fast musical passages softly. Produces clean double strokes and clear articulation.
L = 16.81" | Dia. = .650

$17.50 $8.45

Tom Gauger Signature Snare Stick -- General

A general snare stick with a round tip.
L = 16 9/16" | Dia. = .625"

$16.50 $7.98

Tom Gauger Signature Snare/Timpani

A TG15 stick with a TG31 felt timpani mallet head attached to the butt end. For general playing.
L = 16 11/16" | Dia. = .625" | Head = 1 1/8"

$48.00 $27.84