INSIDE the CIRCLE: The Complete Series

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  • INSIDE the CIRCLE: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band
  • INSIDE the CIRCLE: Skill Sets for the Marching Band
  • INSIDE the CIRCLE: Off-Season Training

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A Percussionist's Guide to Check Patterns

An ideal book for private lessons, small group instruction or percussion ensemble rehearsals, A Percussionist's Guide to Check Patterns focuses on mastering the essential basics of reading and controlling one-beat rhythmic patterns. It provides a systematic approach to sticking duple- and triplet-based rhythms that all beginning to advanced percussionists encounter in everday music. All musical examples are written for non-pitched percussion, keyboards and drumset, and the step-by-step presentation is guaranteed to improve syncopation control and coordination.

  • Designed for all percussionists, from beginner to advanced
  • Written for non-pitched percussion, keyboard and drumset
  • Provides a systematic approach to sticking rhythm patterns
  • Ideal for developing reading skills, coordination and syncopation control
  • Includes a CD for rehearsal and individual practice, as well as a Vic Firth Check Patterns poster

About the author...

Thom Hannum is regarded as one of the nation's foremost percussion clinicians, having presented numerous seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He is best known for his work with the DCI World Champion Cadets of Bergen County and Star of Indiana. Thom is a member of the design team for the Tony Award winning show Blast! as well as Blast II: Shockwave. In the summer of 2001, Mr. Hannum was selected for induction into the D.C.I. Hall of Fame.

Mr. Hannum has developed an outstanding percussion program at the University of Massachusetts where he serves as the Associate Director of the Minuteman Marching Band. He is an active member of the Percussive Arts Society and the President of the Massachusetts PAS Chapter as well as being a signature artist, clinician and consultant for Vic Firth Company.

Through the Hal Leonard Corporation, Mr. Hannum has published a textbook and corresponding student workbook, Championship Concepts For Marching Percussion, which provide many band programs with a comprehensive foundation for percussion education. His instructional video produced by Warner Brothers/Chappell, Fundamental Techniques For Marching Percussion, demonstrates many of the concepts outlined in the books. Thom has published percussion arrangements and solos with Warner Brothers, Rowloff Productions and Drop6 Media, Inc.

Thom is the founder and director of the MOBILE PERCUSSION SEMINAR which offers clinic and workshop programs for high schools and colleges of all ability levels. For more information about Mobile Percussion Seminars, visit them online at


RELEASE YOUR SOUND (Brass Educational DVD - Ben Harloff)


A Consistent Approach to Trumpet


Ben Harloff




Are you ready to discover what it takes to "Release Your Sound"? If so, then this is the instructional DVD for you. Designed to be the "practice buddy" each student needs that would model a good sound and a good approach to playing the instrument. With sound being the most important and unique quality that a musician strives for, the focus of this DVD/book is for the student to find "your sound" and to never ever lose it. Whether slurring, tonguing, playing load, playing soft, playing high or playing low your sound must be consistent. The same sound, the same approach.

Students can use this DVD at home, the practice room and even the classroom to continue to develop the important fundamentals. On the screen you will actually see the music for Bb trumpet. As a bonus there are also copies of the exercises in PDF format for Horn in F, Trombone/Baritone and Tuba.