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  • YSH-301 Yamaha Fiberglass Sousaphone
    $6,620.00 $3,999.99 YSH-301 Yamaha Fiberglass Sousaphone
    An ABS resin bell and a fiber reinforced plastic body make this sousaphone ideal for the rigors of the marching band. The 301 Sousaphone features an ABS resin bell and FRP body for a big, tuba-style sound, while remaining...

  • YSH-411WC Yamaha Brass Sousaphone
    $11,314.00 $7,523.99 YSH-411WC Yamaha Brass Sousaphone
    A powerfull sousaphone that will hold the sound together at all volumes. The 411 Sousaphone features a brass body and bell for an incredibly rich almost orchestral sound. The bell front design enhances tonal projection,...