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Corps Tuition/Fees

  • CC Tuition
    $2,500.00 Choose Options CC Tuition
    The full price of tuition for a new member of Carolina Crown is $2500.  To pay a portion of your tuition, please select your payment amount above. For more information regarding Tuition, please click here...

  • Carolina Crown Camp Fee
    $175.00 Choose Options Carolina Crown Camp Fee
    Carolina Crown Camp Fee. This fee pays for the member's housing, instruction, food, etc. for the Crown pre-season camps. The potential member must pay for ALL camps attended. It is EXPECTED that you attend all scheduled...

  • Carolina Crown March-A-Thon Opt-Out Fee
    $250.00 Choose Options Carolina Crown March-A-Thon Opt-Out Fee
    This is the required fee should you opt-out of supplying 30 filled March-A-Thon forms. 

  • Spring Training Fee
    $450.00 Choose Options Spring Training Fee
    The Spring Training Fee is $450, please select payment qty in $25 increments

  • Uniform Fee
    $350.00 Choose Options Uniform Fee
    The uniform fee is $350, please select the qty in $25 increments